Oil Paintings by David Allee

"Yosemite Valley at Dusk". Completed August 2008. My largest oil painting yet, with a canvas measuring 22" by 28" "Elk in Snow" - Oil on 30" saw blade. Completed March 2012. This blade (donated by Bill Wathen) is over 40 years old and originated from a saw mill in Klamath Falls, Oregon. "Black Butte" - completed Jan 2008. A prominent rock outcropping near Orland, CA
"Ever Vigilant - Global Hawk over Afghanistan". Oil on canvas, 18"x24". Painted exclusively for Airman First Class, Michael Allee "Asian Landscape", completed July 2009 (Oil on canvas). Painted exclusively for John Allee, Computer Scientist with NAVAIR "Burney Falls" - completed Feb 2008. A location I once lived near.
"Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii" - completed Feb 2008. Another location I've lived near "Humpback Whale off the coast of Terceira", completed Feb. 2009. Oil on canvas (24" x 30"). Terceira is one of the Azore islands of Portugal "Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains at Twilight". Oil on canvas, 30"x40" (completed May 2011)
"Sutter Buttes across the Sacramento River" - completed Jan 2008 "Fisherman's Pier" - completed way back in 1974! This one is over 30 years old! "Lake Trout Fishing" - another old painting finished way back in 1974!